Welcome to the Pigs n Buns Small Pet Rescue website!

Welcome to the Pigs n Buns Small Pet Rescue website!

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New offer from Small Pet Select!!


New For 2014 – PLEASE SHARE! To raise money for rabbit rescues, Small Pet Select is giving away these Bunny Wrap Rings (retail value $15.95) with purchase of any hay or pellet product from http://smallpetselect.com/ FOR FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS ONLY! In addition, when you use coupon code PNBRING in checkout, 10% of every purchase will be donated to Pigs n Buns Small Pet Rescue!

From Small Pet Select: “We are doing a new promotion in which we are giving away these bunny wrap rings when someone makes a purchase for the first time from us. Whenever someone purchases hay or pellets and uses the coupon code PNBRING in checkout, they will get the ring for free as well as free shipping (this coupon is good for their first order only). Then, once they try the products and they like them, they can continue donating to the rescue by using the coupon code PIGSNBUNS on all other purchases (this coupon code can be used over and over again, and everytime we will donate 10% of the sale to Pigs N Buns.”



When it comes to guinea pig ownership, unfortunately one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of giving your guinea pig a constant supply of good quality timothy hay (or other grass hay).  Timothy hay is one of the most important purchases you can make and should as the foundation of your pet’s diet. It is important for your pet for two reasons: it is high in fiber which helps maintain good digestive health and it is also essential for the dental health for guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs need a diet rich in fiber not only survive but to thrive. Diets that are high in fiber will keep your pet’s digestive system nice and healthy. Timothy hay should be fed in unlimited quantities to your pet to make sure there is always a plentiful supply.

Guinea pigs also need timothy hay or other grass hay alternatives to keep good dental health. Unlike humans, guinea pigs teeth never stop growing. If left unchecked, their teeth will grow to unhealthy lengths and may cause damage to the inside of their cheeks and tongue. This is problem is generally found more often in guinea pigs that are not given a good grass hay as the basis of their diet. However, when a guinea is constantly chewing on fibrous hay, it naturally grinds their teeth down and avoids these problems.

Small Select is one of several online options for pet owners that are looking for high quality timothy hay that is delivered fresh and direct to your door. We focus on finding the highest quality timothy hay (2nd cutting premium timothy hay sourced from the Pacific Northwest).  However, the most important thing to stress is just how critical it is for pet guinea pigs do have access to good quality grass hay, regardless of where you purchase it from.  If you need to purchase hay than Small Pet Select is an option for timothy hay in particular, but there are many options to choose from including feed stores, traditional pet stores, as well as other online suppliers.  Whatever you do, just make sure your guinea pig is getting hay on a daily basis.  Outside of making sure they have constant supply of water, providing a good quality grass hay is probably the most important thing you can do for them.


Note:  If you do decide to order hay from Small Pet Select, you can use the coupon code ‘Pigsnbuns’.  That will get you free shipping on your purchase, plus 10% of the purchase will go to Pigs n Buns!!

THE IMPORTANCE OF HAY FOR GUINEA PIGS – from the folks at Small Pet Select