Your financial support is very much needed and appreciated! Unfortunately, your donations are not yet tax deductible, but as our process of becoming a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization is completed, you will be notified of our updated status. PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! And in return, we keep records of your donations and will provide you with a receipt from us, as well as notification when your donation is tax deductible.


We can accept payments via Paypal by clicking on this link:

Our mailing address is kept private for security purposes, as well as to ensure that no animal is left outside our door step!


Preferably, donations can be made directly to our Veterinarian, Dr. Zellner of Avian and Animal Hospital. Just give them a call and let them knwo that you'd like to make a donation to 4 Lil Pigs n Buns and they will credit our account them with!


The following list is our Wish List. Any monetary donations made to 4 Lil Pigs n Buns goes directly to any of the things on this list. You are also welcome to make your donations in the form of any of the following items, in lieu of money! Either way, the animals benefit and they thank you immensely!

  • Gift cards to: Publix, Walmart, PetsMart, Petco, Home Depot
  • Neat Ideas Cubes, Organize-It Cubes or storage cubes (to build cages .. see http://www.cavycages.com to see what we mean!
  • puppy exercise pens
  • pet carriers (all sizes)
  • toys! (infant teething toys, hard plastic cat toys and wooden bird toys are ideal!
  • Bedding, such as Feline Pine or Equine Pine (can also be purchased as wood burning pellets, horse bedding, or pine pellets), Aspen shavings, Yesterday's News or CareFresh
  • timothy hay, T&A; hay, Coastal Hay (the greener and softer, the better!) We welcome Oxbow, Sweet Meadow Hay and American Pet Diner products as well!!
  • fresh vegetables
  • paper towel or toilet paper rolls (they make wonderful toys and hay holders!)
  • tissue boxes (another disposable item that makes a wonderful hay holder and toy!)
  • fleece
  • garbage bags
  • coroplast, vinyl, linoleum flooring (for cages)
  • Cleaning Supplies, such as:
  • paper towels
  • Simple Green
  • Bleach
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Vinegar