Foster Care

Foster Parents play a crucial role in the daily care of our animals. In foster homes, these animals get much needed one on one time, where they are socialized properly and receive all the love and care that they do not get as well in a shelter setting. Foster homes provide not only a stable shelter and caring hand, but also prepares these animals for a permanent home.

A foster mom or dad would be responsible for playing with the animal(s) every day. They provide pellets, fresh vegetables and water, a clean litterbox and cage daily, and they are expected to know the animals'personality well. The foster family may be called upon to speak to potential owners, so that they can provide information to them about the animal(s) likes and dislikes, any personality quirks, or special needs that a potential owner will need to know.

4 Lil Pigs n Buns can provide a cage and other basic supplies. If you are local, we may be able to provide hay and pellets as well.

Bunny Caregivers at area PETCO locations

We have recently established a relationship with Petco, and Petco will be fostering rabbits for us. We really need volunteers to go visit the rabbits at a designated Petco as often as possible - but at least once a week, as Petco will be the main caregivers.

We need people to commit to visiting rabbits at a designated Petco, mostly to take them out and play with them (and if you can bring fresh veggies out for them, that would be FABULOUS!) One thing we would need for you to do is purchase a rescue t-shirt through Cafe Press. This will help identify you as an official volunteer when you go to Petco (or other rescue related things). A portion of the proceeds also goes towards the rescue, so you'd be serving at least 2 purposes ;-)

The link is http://www.cafepress.com/4lilpigsnbuns.

Our current PETCO locations are in Port Richey and Port Charlotte.

For more information, please contact our Foster Coordinator.

Bunny Caregivers in Saint Petersburg

One of our Directors is housing many rabbits in her home in St Pete, and could really use some help! What she is hoping for are people that can commit to at least 1 day a week, in order to go to her place, feed, water, and socialize with the buns. An occasion cage cleaning may also be needed. Currently, there are 11 rabbits in her care!

If you can commit to a weekly visit, please contact Ally at ally@rabbit.org

Please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire if you are interested in helping out!